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Active Addiction

You may feel like your peers and family don’t really “get you.” It can be hard for you to trust your instincts. It can also be hard for you to trust others. You doubt yourself. A lot……

Couples Therapy

Relationships are hard. They require constant work and dedication and nurturing. They can be easily put on the back burner to deal with all the other distractions in life – careers, children, health, in-laws, finances, etc…


For many people, anxiety is placed in the future.  The uncontrollable worry about something that hasn’t happened yet… about something that may never happen.  It can promote a strong need for control, usually over things we have no control.

Growing Up With Addiction

Growing up in a home where someone is addicted can have a profound impact on how you view the world, your relationships, and how you navigate life. If addiction is part of…


Natural Disasters. Violence. Sexual Abuse. Domestic Violence. Rape. Neglect. Emotional Abuse. Death and Loss. Bullying. Accidents. School Violence. At times it is hard to escape the negativity and heaviness of all that we are exposed to and what some may experience.


Self-esteem impacts every area of your life. It can hinder or facilitate healthy relationships, strong careers, passionate marriages, good decisions, vocational pursuits… the list is endless.