Is Anxiety Controlling You?

Anxiety can look like:

  • An overwhelming sense of worry
  • A feeling that you have no control
  • Unmanageable stress over things that are out of your power



Anxiety may also be:

  • stomach pains
  • faintness
  • difficulty breathing
  • trouble sleeping
  • inability to relax

For many people, anxiety is placed in the future.  The uncontrollable worry about something that hasn’t happened yet… about something that may never happen.  It can promote a strong need for control, usually over things we have no control.

Anxiety and Therapy

There are several treatment options for someone who experiences anxiety, including therapy.  Using a cognitive behavioral approach, clients can learn specific coping skills to control negative symptoms.  Therapy can help clients look deeper, uncovering additional life factors that lead to out of control feelings. One common theme found in clients that experience anxiety is the inability to say no to others.  Healthy boundaries may limit excessive worry.  The Four Agreements is an excellent read on healthy boundaries. Mindfulness is another helpful tool in developing coping skills.  Mindfulness involves

  • awareness
  • mind-body connection
  • focus on self
  • staying in the present
  • responsibility

Progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery are additional helpful tools.  These methods focus on a mind and body connection as well as goal setting.  They can also limit traumatic symptoms.  Clients can develop these skills in the safe and confidential therapy room. Many therapeutic interventions, once mastered, can be used by clients any time.  Clients should practice these regularly.


Medication can be useful for many clients. All prescription medication should be closely monitored and routinely evaluated for efficacy. Therapy can help clients manage any negative side effects. It can also help clients maximize the benefit of their medication. Clients may consider talking to their doctor about negative side effects addictive qualities maximizing outcomes dosing routine If anxiety or excessive worry, or feeling a loss of control, is a concern for you, schedule a consultation.