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Recovery is a Total Lifestyle Change

Recovery requires a level of vulnerability that addiction has been trying to bury. It is a total lifestyle change, from ditching unhealthy friendships to healing shame. Vulnerability permits honesty at the most raw level. Its uncomfortable, it can feel painful, and most importantly, it can be life changing. When people decide to give up addiction, they are agreeing to make a major change in their life. The benefits of giving up addiction can be amazing, but you must be willing to, DO THE WORK!

Someone Who Supports/Doesn’t Support Your Recovery

How others can support your recovery include:

  1. Ask for permission before acting.
  2. Listen and validate.
  3. Not making assumptions about your needs.
  4. Take care of themselves.
  5. Engage in sober activities with you.

When someone doesn’t support your recovery, they might:

  1. Interfere with connections to support systems.
  2. Promote substance use.
  3. Cross boundaries.
  4. Not respect your down time.
  5. Encourage extreme or excessive behavior.

Support can be a wonderful thing and in the world of recovery, its NECESSARY. It is important to let your friends or family members in recovery know that you support them through there recovery. Showing them that you support them is vital.

Alternatives to Replace Alcohol

There are many ways to have fun that do not include alcohol. Here are some ways:

1. Embrace Fitness: No hangover, means no excuse not to workout. Set fitness goals to reach.

2. Play Board games: Find friends that aren’t going out to drink and have some fun.

3. Watch movies: Get sucked into a new world and narrative, preoccupy yourself with a long series. Netflix is constantly updated their catalogue of shows to watch whether they be old classics or exclusive premiers.

4. Treat yourself: Alcohol is fairly calorie dense. So why not occasionally treat yourself to keep you motivated.

5. Find New Hobbies and Activities: Finding new outlets and opportunities for fun will help you focus on the enjoyment of an activity without any history of having participated while drinking. Joining a dance class, volunteer organization, martial arts club, or sports team will bring more fun into your life and offer you a clean slate to establish yourself as someone who enjoys these activities but does not drink.