Couples Therapy

Relationships are hard. They require constant work and dedication and nurturing. They can be easily put on the back burner to deal with all the other distractions in life – careers, children, health, in-laws, finances, etc…

A healthy relationship can be derailed by

  • Miscommunication
  • Addiction
  • Affairs
  • Good intentions with poor executions
  • One sided decision making
  • Assumptions
  • Not feeling appreciated
  • Lack of trust

Couples therapy can help get your relationship to a place where both partners feel loved, satisfied, trusted, and valued.

Couples in therapy can expect that both sides will be heard.  The therapist will help the couple develop empathy for one another and to engage in specific exercises to accurately listen and respond to one another. Working with trained marriage and family therapists, the couple can expect to be held as the expert in their relationship.  No two relationships are the same.