Alternatives to Replace Alcohol

There are many ways to have fun that do not include alcohol. Here are some ways:

1. Embrace Fitness: No hangover, means no excuse not to workout. Set fitness goals to reach.

2. Play Board games: Find friends that aren’t going out to drink and have some fun.

3. Watch movies: Get sucked into a new world and narrative, preoccupy yourself with a long series. Netflix is constantly updated their catalogue of shows to watch whether they be old classics or exclusive premiers.

4. Treat yourself: Alcohol is fairly calorie dense. So why not occasionally treat yourself to keep you motivated.

5. Find New Hobbies and Activities: Finding new outlets and opportunities for fun will help you focus on the enjoyment of an activity without any history of having participated while drinking. Joining a dance class, volunteer organization, martial arts club, or sports team will bring more fun into your life and offer you a clean slate to establish yourself as someone who enjoys these activities but does not drink.

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